Orphaned Courage
Short Film & Featurette

Directed by Josiah Stendel
Music by Jacqueline S. Boothe

Orphaned Courage is a 30 minute short film written and directed by Josiah Stendel of the production company Menlo Lights. I composed the original score for the short film, in addition to writing music for the featurette.

This film will be used as a tool to raise money and awareness for an adoption assistance fund. All profits will be donated.

*Film premieres in September 2016, tickets and info here.*

To the Last Man
Short Film

Directed by Matt Resnick
Music by Jacqueline S. Boothe

To The Last Man was one of three silent films available for contestants of the 2016 NISOM Film Score competition. I composed the winning score, and the film with my music was presented at the Julien Dubuque Film Festival kickoff event.



"This score shows a maturity far beyond a normal 18 year old's sensibilities. The acoustic guitar sets the right tone for the scene and and the music's ebb and flow masterfully enhances the storytelling, supporting but never overpowering the scene. I would imagine we will be hearing more from this budding young composer."
- Thom Sharp, Emmy award-winning composer

Llama Drama
Short Film

Created by: Pablo Vazquez
Music and Sound Design by: Jacqueline S. Boothe

Caminandes is a series of short films, this one in particular is called Llama Drama. For a university project, I was required to write music for the film, as well as provide/create all other sound and foley effects. 

The Master's Story
Teaser Trailer

Created by: S.C. Treehouse Productions
Music by: Jacqueline S. Boothe

The Master's Story is a very broad project that covers different forms of media. From books, blogs, web series, and movies, director Christopher D. Stewart of S.C. Treehouse Productions has worked to put a master story that encompasses many others within it. I am a go-to composer for S.C. Treehouse, and contributed music to this teaser trailer along with several other projects like the James & jamie web series, The Fire, and Glitch.